Testimonials for Roxana Vilk's Yoga Classes

“To feel like you do after a yoga class with Roxana is more than money can ever buy. It’s challenging informative spiritual and meditative all in one breath. Totally awe inspiring and once you start you have to ask yourself why have I not been doing this forever.”

— Amanda Farnese Heath Director of The Mad March Hare

"Roxana’s yoga classes are the best I’ve ever been to–one of the things I most look forward to in my weeks. After only a few weeks I had a lot more flexibility and my body felt more energised that I had for a long time. Thanks Roxana, you are a star!”

— Alisoun Mackenzie business mentor and author of Heartatude

“A time to build on and remind yourself of your inner strength. A window in the chaos for skillfully guided practice and self-development.
I have found Roxana’s classes to have the type of postures, fluidity and spiritual content I have been looking for in classes for years.
The world is a much easier place when I have been to a class and I would strongly recommend them to others."


— Elly Douglas Hamilton Director at Archerfield Estates Ltd

“I have practiced yoga for around 20 years, on and off, and I was so pleased to find Roxana’s class. I now no longer have to continue travelling into Edinburgh for yoga classes, as there is a great class three times a week on my doorstep!  No matter how I feel when I begin the class, I always leave feeling both energised and calm.”

— Catherine McKinney


““Roxana’s yoga class has been life changing for me. After years of high impact exercise I have never felt so well balanced and flexible. More importantly has been the sense of calm and well being that comes with regular yoga practise and which spills over into everyday life. Watch out her classes are very addictive!””

— Emily Cotter

“Roxana’s drop-in morning yoga classes are super convenient, super enjoyable and super effective at boosting energy levels and making one more aware of internal connections between all the different parts of the body. I recommend them strongly to everyone, regardless of how much or how little experience they may have had - twice a week for maintenance, three times a week for change.

— Jean Matthews

“Roxana’s yoga makes such a difference to my wellbeing, I absolutely love her classes. I have practised yoga for about 10 years, and Roxana is my favourite teacher. She lets everyone work at their own pace and has the right mix of movement and meditation.
My husband says I come home a different person! ”

— Jane Lister

““What I love about Roxana’s class is the time she takes to explain each posture with humour and lightness bringing a wonderful energy to the practice, she’s not afraid to correct your postures which I personally love.””

— Sally Jean Rankin

“Yoga with Roxana is so, so, special. She skilfully holds the energy of the room, which is a real priority for me, and says, exactly the right thing, at the right time; I swear she hears my thoughts! It is yoga, and more, a lesson of compassionate practice to your body...And when she sings, as she sometimes does, during the Shavasana, it feels, like my soul, takes an even deeper breathe! Come see for yourself, you will love it!”

— Bernie Petrie Director of The Barefoot Sanctuary

“It’s hard to describe how a one hour class with Roxana can make such a difference to my physical and emotional wellbeing.

Sixty minutes that last all day.